How to make a Tardis costume in 15 hrs

Warning: vague instructions.
*captured on iPhone 4

Day 1 – Make the frame
Duration: 8pm – 1am (5hrs)

STEP 1: Slit the box to make doors.
STEP 2: Cut 3 squares/rectangles out of each door.

STEP 3: Cut out the bottom of the box and stick the cardboard on the back of the square/rectangle holes.
STEP 4: Stick a strip of cardboard around the top edges of the box.
*Tip: Use lots and lots and lots of sticky tape
STEP5: Go to sleep.

DAY 2: Cut out bits & base coat it
Duration: 8pm-11pm (3 hrs)

STEP 6: Cut out a square for your head and 2 rectangles for your arms.
STEP 7: Take out your frame in the dead of night and paint a white base coat.
STEP8: Leave it to dry and go to sleep.

DAY 3: Paint your Tardis blue
Duration:  10pm – 12am (2 hrs)

STEP 9: Paint your box blue.
*Note: if  your paint is the shit kind from Hot Dollar, it will take a few coats and many tears of frustration.
STEP 10: Go to sleep.

DAY 4: Stick on windows, door handle, and signs.
Duration: 11am – 4pm (5 hrs)

STEP 11: Make 8 windows and stick 2 on each side of your box.

STEP 12: Print out 4 POLICE BOX signs and stick those around too.
*Note: The Police Box font is Gill Sans
STEP 13: Print out the Police Telephone sign on the front door and stick that on.
STEP 14: Glue gun on your door handle
*Note: If  you are too frugal to buy a decent looking door handle, settle for the oddly shaped, swirly handles offered at Hot Dollar for $2.50

STEP14: Make a dodgy, wobbly, Tardis lantern/lamp/light.

Step 15: Wear your Tardis.

Step 16: Find your Doctor and companion.

STEP 17: Travel through time, solve mysteries and save Earth heaps.

Please enjoy this picture of a delicious loaf of banana bread I baked.



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19 responses to “How to make a Tardis costume in 15 hrs

  1. Ana Félix Pires

    I wish Halloween was a tradition in my country. I’d definitely try and recreate this, it looks awesome. :D

  2. vp

    awesome project ;D hahahaa

  3. rosy

    i like. /thumbs up

  4. mal

    i love.
    i’ll be your companion anytime baby ;)

  5. I was so happy to find this! My daughter wants to be a Tardis for Halloween, and I had no idea how to go about making a Tardis costume. I’ll report back after Halloween with an update of how it went! :-)

  6. Nan

    What size box did you use?

  7. Me

    I’m making this for my friends, I’m going as the eleventh doctor and she’s going as the tardis. I took it upon myself to make the costume for her (She’s paying for my sonic screwdriver so we’re equal) and I had no idea what I was going to do. Thank you so much for the guide! It’s the best I have found.

  8. Jessica

    I am making a TARDIS costume for my daughter and I’m using a paper leaf & lawn bag instead of a box. She’s only 11 and I don’t think the box would be comfortable enough.

  9. Nice blog right here! Also your website so much up very fast! What host are you the usage of? Can I am getting your associate hyperlink on your host? I desire my website loaded up as quickly as yours lol

  10. I’m dressing up as the TARDIS this year, and I’m so glad I found this. Really awesome, and it’s not too complicated. THANK YOU!

  11. Mia

    I am SO going to do this for Halloween this year!

  12. forkay

    I like the ammount of sleep required to complete this costume, great job!

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  14. Me

    Thanks so much for this post! I really wanted to be a tardis but all the other tutorials were way to hard. This is really awesome and doable:)

  15. Kathy

    What kind of blue paint should I use or should I use spray paint

  16. MyNameIsMe AndILoveMyName

    Oh my Gosh your costume is just perfect !!
    I love how the color looks; it really looks like wood in the pictures !
    Just, maybe a square of cardboard glued under the rest of the TARDIS (with a square cut in it to be able to walk of course) could have helped for the doors not to open all the time ? Or maybe it was what you wanted it to do ?

    Anyway I love it, and I just found my costume for next time I have to wear one :)

    Thank you so much !

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